Stove Servicing and Repairs

Professional Wood and Multi Fuel Stove Servicing

Keeping your wood or multi fuel burning stove clean, in good repair, and serviced is the best way to ensure that it never breaks down or causes your home any problems. Through the Green Fire Group, we’re able to offer quality, professional, guaranteed wood and multi fuel burning stove servicing for any brand of stove, whether you bought from us or not!

However, if it’s already too late and you need a repair, don’t worry! We can take of stove repairs as well:

We Repair Any Stove or Aga

If your wood or multi fuel burning stove has seen better days, don’t panic. The Green Fire Group offers a complete service for those who own or want to own a wood burning stove. We can take care of any stove or Aga, in any condition, and bring it back to factory condition.

Even if you think your stove is beyond repair, call a member of the Green Fire Group and see what we can do!


Minor Repairs

Even if your stove is in good working order, a couple of small repairs can make it look as good as new again – ideal if you’ve just redecorated your home or just want to spruce it up.

A clean stove in good repair doesn’t just make your home look better – it also will burn cleaner and more efficiently.

So, why not give the Green Fire Group a call today?

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