Professional Chimney Inspection Equipment

The Green Fire Group offers much more than traditional chimney sweeping. Our chimney CCTV equipment is top of the range, and available for hire either with or without one of our technical engineers to operate it.

Using CCTV inspection equipment on your chimney is a safe, non-invasive and cost-effective way of inspecting your chimney for problems, obstructions or brick or masonry faults. Not only does it allow you to establish what problems there are, and budget accordingly, it also lets you do so without turning your property into a building site!


How can a Chimney CCTV Survey Help You

  • A safe way to inspect your chimney
  • Causes no damage to your property
  • Service can be completed in just one hour
  • Offers 360 degree views of your chimney
  • You get footage and a detailed diagnosis to present to your builders

When Is a CCTV Survey Appropriate?

You should call The Green Fire Group to investigate your chimney if you notice any of the following problems:

  • The quality of air in your home is poor
  • You’ve had a chimney fire
  • Your chimney has failed its integrity test
  • You have recently bought your property
  • You require a Flue Integrity Test
  • You’re planning a loft conversion or other major construction job on your property

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